We support these regions with your help

We are currently concentrating on two regions that are particularly in urgent need of our help …

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For centuries, a wide variety of powers have fought out their conflicts in Afghanistan on the back of the population. Generations of children do not know the meaning of the word “peace”…  



This west African state had been suffering for many years under a brutal military dictatorship, since 2019 the fragile democracy threatens to collapse again, at the same time a third of the population still lives below the poverty line…

Your support will help needy children directly and without bureaucracy:


Your donation – no matter how small – will directly benefit the local children without any "frictional losses".


Regularly served, healthy and satisfying meals create the basis for the joy of learning and concentration. If you are hungry, you cannot learn!


We build schools and facilities that protect students from the weather when the sun is burning, the freezing cold or torrential downpours.


Those who cannot invest in their skills, tools, animals, farmland, or other goods will always live just from hand to mouth...


Further development on a personal and social level is only possible through fair and unhindered access to education.


The great epidemics of mankind still mainly affect those whose lives are already unimaginably difficult. Vaccinations on a large scale will help effectively and permanently.

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Together we can change the world and make life easier for children born into need and misery...

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