You can make a difference.

Just one cup of coffee less for you can mean the whole world for a child in need – every cent, every euro more improves the prospects of the local families.

Fighting hunger to ensure survival...

Building wells to prevent outbreak of diseases...

Enabling education to create future prospects…

Children in drought areas need your help now

Children always bear the burden of the conflicts of adults. They need our help now so that they do not lose their life and hope – and later on can take the future of their family and home into their own hands in a healthy, well-educated, and confident manner. Even the smallest amount of money helps to achieve great things.

Water, education, health

Our complex and intermittent world is in danger of making us lose our sense of what is absolutely necessary for life – but children in need know exactly what they are missing. With your donation or support, you can help them step by step to have a future again …




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Our goals

Surviving, keeping hope, staying healthy, growing, experiencing education, taking responsibility, and shaping the future. We want to open up this path to children in need – as many as possible.

Well construction in Afghanistan

Without water we only survive just a few days – therefore many people simply cannot choose the quality of their “drinking water”. In order to protect themselves from pathogens, however, especially children in emergency areas need robust and simple wells that bring clean and clear drinking water to the surface …

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