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Water scarcity is still affecting one sixth of Earth's population. African Children in developing countries suffer most from this problem, that causes malnutrition and health problems.

Well construction in Afghanistan/water wells

The human body consists of 70 percent water, and in newborns, the proportion of liquid is as high as 95 percent. In order to survive for more than a few days, we must consume water every day. In our country, high-quality water comes from the tap; in emergency areas, people often have to travel long distances to get access to reasonably clean water. If this is not possible, people are forced to drink dirty or brackish water – with the result that infectious diseases are transmitted and child mortality rises enormously. With technically simple and robust wells, we can ensure that needy children can regain hope and build a future.

Medical assistance

Thousands of children and their families in Afghanistan or Benin do not even have access to rudimentary medical care, let alone vaccinations or specialized treatments. Anyone who falls ill or is injured can expect to suffer permanent health impairments – or even die. We are committed to building up and permanently establishing at least basic medical care on-site. Another goal is to provide expert assistance to children and young people with serious illnesses.

Caucasian female doctor meeting African family with a children.Doctor touching little girl's face
A huge smile on the face of a young school girl sitting in her desk drawing.


Without education, children and young people in need cannot break the vicious circle of poverty, hunger, and hopelessness. We build local schools, make sure that children learn to read and write – and in the next step, we aim to provide further education and vocational training. This perspective will ensure that children will no longer have to help in the fields, but will acquire important skills and knowledge to take their future into their own hands.

Environmental Aid

Natural disasters, wars, and other crises not only kill and injure people but also have a devastating impact on the regional flora and fauna. Once the worst phase is over and emergency aid in the form of clothing, food, and drinking water has arrived, nature must also be restored to its natural state. Without an intact environment, civilizing and infrastructural support will have no long-term effect. We therefore always take the environmental aspect into account in our commitment.

Poverty and poorness on the children face. Sad little girl. Refugee. In Muslim  mother's arms.

People in need

Wars, violent conflicts, exceptional social situations, and other escalations are almost always based on political or economic conflicts of interest – which are then fought out on the backs of the weakest population groups. Their suffering does not end with a ceasefire or a compromise at the highest level. But natural disasters, droughts, or pandemics also always hit families, children, and women hardest. Here we get involved directly on the spot and make sure that your help reaches those who need it most. We would also be happy to inform you about opportunities to help as a volunteer in Afghanistan or Benin.

Animal Aid

Farm animals and pets: People in needy regions with a focus on agriculture can only become selfsufficient again after disasters and conflicts with the help of animals that provide meat and milk, help with fieldwork, or can be sold at markets. Wild animals: Of course, wild animals also suffer considerably from wars and disasters. We are therefore also concerned with helping all the suffering wildlife on site.

Animals family dog cat chicken in the backyard

Charity for women in forced prostitution

In addition to hunger and homelessness, in the event of armed conflicts or other exceptional situations women, girls, and even children are always threatened with kidnapping and forced prostitution, too. When human rights and the Hague Convention are no longer valid, arbitrariness and the law of the strongest prevail – the victims then face months or years of torture. Forced prostitution and permanent rape are also used as weapons against the civilian population. Our commitment not only serves to care for and treat the highly traumatized victims but also aims to prevent these deeply abhorrent acts from happening in the first place.


After a war or other catastrophe, anyone who has only escaped with bare life or has lived in abject poverty since birth understandably has hardly any reserves and resources to rebuild a new existence. Here, only investments in the regional infrastructure can provide the basis for a lasting improvement of the situation on-site. We collect donations to specifically promote sensible, farsighted projects as well as construction projects that benefit all people. Our focus continues to be on children, as on the one hand, they are suffering badly, but on the other hand, they represent the generation that can take their future into their own hands and change it for the better.

Syrian people in refugee camp in Suruc. These people are refugees from Kobane and escaped because of Islamic state attack. 3.4.2015, Suruc, Turkey


Diseases and pandemics spread disproportionately fast in emergency areas. People who live close together in makeshift accommodation, have hardly any clean water available, and suffer from hunger cannot even maintain rudimentary standards of hygiene. This makes broad-based vaccination campaigns all the more important in order to continuously improve the local health situation and reduce child mortality. We work together with renowned and experienced medical organizations that have rendered outstanding services in the fight against infectious diseases for years and decades.

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