About OMED

OMED is a non-profit organization based in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg supporting needy children all over the world.

5 years on duty with your help

For five years now, the OMED Foundation has been helping children who suffer from hunger, live in abject poverty and fear violence, quickly and unbureaucratically. We are currently concentrating on two crisis regions – and have already achieved promising results in both Afghanistan and Benin.

Our approach

Our support services build on each other in a structured way – with the food we alleviate hunger, with the construction of wells we ensure the supply of clean drinking water, our educational projects secure the children’s future in the long term.

Become an OMED ambassador...

Pass on our request, win friends and supporters. Every donation reaches the children and helps in the greatest need!


...or well builder!

Whether you sponsor a well with your donation or even help directly on-site with its construction – you will ensure that many children can finally drink clean, unpolluted water.

Our mission

Truly every donation helps – regardless of amount or frequency. A small donation will hardly affect your quality of life – but it will radically improve that of a suffering child in Afghanistan or Benin.

Syrian people in refugee camp in Suruc. These people are refugees from Kobane and escaped because of Islamic state attack. 3.4.2015, Suruc, Turkey

These children need your help!

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